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The 24th Annual Meeting of Chinese-German Society of Medicine and the 5th Chinese-German Hospital Management Seminar Held in Berlin

The 24th Annual Meeting of Chinese-German Society of Medicine as well as the 5th Chinese-German Hospital Management Seminar was held in Berlin, Germany from 7th to 9th, September, 2011. The President of Chinese-German Society of Medicine, Prof. Chen Anmin led 31 presidents of domestic hospitals to take part in the meeting. The spokesman of Ministry of Health of China, Mr. Mao Qunan and the former Vice-Minister of Ministry of Healthy and President of China Hospital Association, Prof. Cao Ronggui attended the meeting, arranging a topic seminar about Chinese Medical Healthy System Reform and Public Hospital Reform and Development.

With some topics such as Health System Reform and Hospital Management, Disaster Medicine and Translational Medicine, the meeting extends a full discussion of the development direction of public hospitals, the impact of Germany healthy system reform especially g-DRGs on their China’s counterparts as well as the hospital quality management and authentication. Besides, about 15 Germany experts and 12 Chinese experts from different fields such as the healthy administration department, the hospitals, the medical colleges, the institute and the accounting firm gather together to clearly report their research results and share the working experience on how to deal with the disaster and the development of the translational medicine.

The Joint Statement of Hospital Management Cooperation between German Federal Republic and the People’s Republic of China was established in June, 2011 while China’s Premier Wen Jiangbao visited Germany. The bilateral parties are willing to promote the hospital management cooperation partnership. The convening of the annual meeting will lay a solid foundation of the cooperation in the healthy field between two countries.

Since the establishment of Chinese-German Society of Medicine in 1984, it has become an important platform for us to conduct the medical exchanges with our German counterparts. The annual meeting will exert an important influence in the medical communication, the experience sharing and hospital strategy cooperation and so on.





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