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Create New Achievements Worthy of the New Era — 2021 New Year Message of Tongji Hospital

Wang Wei , Wu Jing

"Wind and rain escorted Spring's departure, flying snow welcomes Spring's return." Another brand-new spring is coming to us! On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, we extend the New Year greetings to all serving staff and separated and retired employees, to alumni at home and abroad, and to all sectors of society!

When we zoom in the year 2020, recall every details, sort out every scene, and adjust every emotion, we find that there are so many to summarize and remember. We also need to zoom out to see the overall situation, that is, to take a historical perspective on its implications and far-reaching significance.

The year 2020 has witnessed a heavy and profound moment. Wuhan was "locked down" due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China has made efforts full of power and grandeur to fight against the epidemic. Medical staff from Tongji Hospital have taken on the virus bravely by putting themselves in harm’s way "regardless of remuneration and their lives". Under the leadership of the Party Committees of Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Tongji Hospital, they have made quick efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. It pioneered the temporary party branch of fever clinics, voluntarily submitted a request to set the Sino-French New City Branch and Optical Valley Branch of Tongji Hospital as the main battlefields of severe patient treatment, and sent several teams of medical experts to support the epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad. Vice Premier Sun Chunlan has led the guidance group sent by the central government to Tongji Hospital seven times to guide the fight against the epidemic in Hubei, the National Health Commission and the provincial and municipal headquarters have delivered strong support on all fronts, 42 emergency medical teams coming to Wuhan and Hubei from other parts of China have stationed in the two branches of Tongji Hospital to save patients around the clock. All walks of life at home and abroad have donated money and materials to us. All these classic anti-epidemic images have been integrated into the history of Tongji Hospital and will be a lasting inspiration to generations of its medical staff.

As a hospital with a history of more than one hundred years and rich heritage, Tongji Hospital has spoken volumes about the patriotism of "going hand in hand with China and Chinese people in times of trouble" by providing the most invested hospital beds for severe patients and receiving severe patients and fever patient. As a national medical team, it has spoken volumes about the prevention strategy and treatment capability of "a science-based approach and targeted measures" via the "Tongji Model" of treatment of severe patients which was promoted worldwide through the articles issued by the medical treatment expert group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council!

Time can change the cold into warmth, the hardship into hope, and the ordinary into greatness. Ordinary medical staff from Tongji Hospital, carrying forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, lit a light of hope for the cold winter and people amid the epidemic with their heroic anti-epidemic efforts, and delivered warmth to Wuhan and the world! When General Secretary Xi Jinping awarded Tongji Hospital with the medal of "National Advanced Group for Fighting against COVID-19", the high-profile "Tongji's Contribution" was written into the annals of the history of China's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic!

The year 2020 has witnessed a lofty and persistent dream. After the difficult fight against the epidemic, Tongji Hospital ushered in its 120th anniversary. In the revolutionary era, Tongji Hospital devoted itself to the war involving blood and gunfire, contributing to the cause of national liberation; In the peace era, it participated in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, earthquake relief work, flood-fighting and emergency rescues, and epidemic prevention and cure, as well as making progress in the world's advanced diagnosis and treatment technology, making great contributions for the development and construction of new China and medical and health services. In the past 120 years, it has always shouldered the responsibility of the family and nation and the medical mission, and marched forward in the historical tide of great national rejuvenation.

History is the mirror of reality, which is the echo of history. In October 2020, we launched a series of simple but grand events of the "Academic Week of 120th Anniversary of Tongji Hospital & 65th Anniversary of Its Relocation to Wuhan". Tongji Hospital showed the Party and the people a fruitful development achievement and a "Tongji Dream" to catch up with the international first-class level!

The year 2020 has left us a rich and warm memory. The objectives and tasks of the 13th Five-Year Plan have been successfully completed, and the development of hospitals has reached a new level. Hard-won achievements have been made in all work in 2020: It passed the reexamination of the Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization with outstanding achievements and continued to retain the honorary title of "National Civilized Unit" for the fifth consecutive time. In the latest issue of Fudan Version of Chinese Hospital Rankings, its comprehensive strength ranked the seventh in China and first in Central China. The evaluation of clinical teaching ranked the seventh in China, and its Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology have been recognized as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses by the Ministry of Education, with the employment rate of doctors being 94.95% and masters being 94.47%. The number of the National Natural Science Foundation of China it has won ranked third among national medical institutions; It has won many scientific and technological achievements awards at all levels. The number of COVID-19-related papers published by the hospital as the first author and correspondent author was in the forefront of China. It has been approved to set up a National Medical Center for Major Public Health Events. The parking building in Optical Valley Branch of Tongji Hospital was put into use "combining daily work with anti-epidemic effort". The renovation project of Optical Valley Children's Hospital and the existing Internal Medicine Building and the Comprehensive Building in the main campus was promoted in an orderly manner.

Pressure is the reason for moving forward, and development is the driving force for progress. After Wuhan's lockdown was lifted, medical staff from Tongji Hospital immediately made great coordinated efforts to promote regular epidemic prevention and control and resume operation and production. "Success only comes through hard work." A series of new figures, new achievements, and new honors make our memory in 2020 more warm and touching; They reflect the indomitable will and tenacity for development of the heroic Wuhan, Hubei, and China, as well as the development miracle they have created!

The year 2020 has become history, with our pain and joy, frustration and success, as well as suffering and glory. Medical staff from Tongji Hospital, bearing the responsibility of family and nation, keep on moving in the journey of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. Facing the sunshine, we welcome the new spring, despite the difficulties.

At present, we are in profound changes unseen in a century. The fourth industrial revolution will bring great changes to all walks of life, including the medical industry. Time is a prophecy master: Success belongs to those who are willing to pioneer, innovate and struggle...

"Tongji Hospital with One Hundred and Twenty Years of History" must be the "pioneer" in changing the service mode. We are to change our medical services to the smart medical service mode with artificial intelligence and big data as the core and make great efforts to build Internet hospitals, in a bid to deliver better, more convenient, and more affordable medical services for patients.

"Tongji Hospital with One Hundred and Twenty Years of History" must be the "innovator" of high-quality development. Focusing on the main line of high-quality development and adhering to the innovation-driven development, we are to continuously innovate in hospital management and establish and improve the system and mechanism for high-quality development, to advance the modernization of its governance capacity and governance system, effectively improving its ability to serve economic and social development and Health China Strategy.

"Tongji Hospital with One Hundred and Twenty Years of History" must be the "struggler" of medical and health undertakings in the new era. With a broader horizon from both the historical and current perspectives, a more ambitious pattern, and a stronger will, we are to adhere to socialist public welfare, actively participate in the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, focus on talent training and discipline construction, vigorously develop new technologies and new businesses, to facilitate the progress of creating an international first-class hospital.

We must be "in advance of time", free our minds, seek truth from facts, seize the opportunities, ride the tide, formulate and implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" based on science to advance its work from a higher starting point. By doing so, we will seize the opportunity to develop, win development advantages, achieve greater development results, and create new achievements worthy of the new era amid great changes.

"Spring is the season for planning the whole year." In the new spring, early efforts, more ambition, as well as the courage and wisdom of pioneering, are required.

"Nothing is hard under the sky, if we but dare to climb up high." Let's carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, facilitate the construction of a world-class comprehensive, innovative, and international medical center with Chinese characteristics with stronger will, greater passion, and greater courage, making greater contributions to the development of national medical and health undertakings and the Health China Strategy, and present a gift to the centennial birthday of the Party with our outstanding achievements!

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